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The Néodyme group, founded in 2004, comprises the parent company (Néodyme), two oversea subsidiaries (Néodyme Nouvelle-Calédonie and Néodyme Australia) and several partners (Acanthe, Actévolis, Néodyme Engineering, NdA Formation, Qualysphère, Seimafor, and Auditrix).   
The Néodyme Group provides a large range of services in Work Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and Process Safety.

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Capability report

Néodyme Australia provides a wide range of Process Safety Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Impact Management solutions within engineering, consulting, in-the-field coordination, audit and training supports. You will find all the detail in our Capability Statement. 


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  • November 2014

    After more than two years of intense work in New Caledonia, Magalie Lamberlin is now part of Neodyme Australia's team and is already working on very challenging mission with the local team of

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  • December 2014

    It soon will be the Christmas break and the New Year’s celebration. A great time to spend with our family and friends.We celebrate also this month a new contract for the HAZOP facilitation of a

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  • January 2015

    Neodyme Australia was delivering a highly skilled work in January 2015 in New Caledonia, participating in the inspection of all the electrical equipment for the Vale New Caledonia’s plant. It wa

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  • February 2015

    The Risk Review of a Thermal Desorption Facility based in Melbourne will be delivered in February 2015 using the HAZOP method (‘HAZOP’ stands here for ‘HAZard and OPerability study&r

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  • March 2015

    * Strategy, Marketing, Advertising and Communication Internship *  In order to sustain our growth in Australia, we need the support of an intern.He / She will be responsible for understanding our

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  • April 2015

    A great month with valuable technical events. Neodyme Australia attended the inaugural event of the FACCI's 2015 Mining Industry Series dedicated to the highly topical issue of 'Mining Pr

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  • May 2015

    We celebrate some valuable partnerships this month and look forward to making the most of them. It has been a business model for Neodyme to partner since the very beginning. We believe it is a great s

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  • June 2015

    Although the Australian market seems more and more restricted, Neodyme Australia Pty Ltd is maintaining its local presence in Brisbane and so far quite successfully!It has always been a core value of

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  • July 2015

    The 14th of July is a day of remembrance for all French community worldwide. It celebrates the assault on the Bastille in Paris and the passage of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citiz

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  • August 2015

    Auditing is a large part of our activities and with a various set of worldwide references we always try to bring best practices to our clients. We have been involved in the Energy, Mining, Oil & G

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